Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, NY


Visiting Graveyards on vacations – that’s what we do. We turned off the highway into Sleepy Hollow for a photo opportunity. We figured we’d find a sign that we could take a picture in front of, since we have a child who is a fan of the show. We found something much better. Sleepy Hollow has a bunch of famous people buried in the cemetery and it was a beautiful drive visiting them all.

They have lovely maps with markers of where to find the grave sites. We visited Samuel Gompers, Andrew Carnegie, William Rockefeller, Walter Chrysler, Elizabeth Arden, Harry and Leona Helmsley and Washington Irving. We also saw the monuments to the Civil War and the Revolutionary War – they had grave stones over 200 years old in that part of the cemetery. The stones on many were worn so flat you could no longer read the names. We stopped by the Bronze lade sculpture at the Thomas mausoleum and walked on the redone Headless Horseman Bridge. Finally, we stopped at the Old Dutch Church.

Our quick side trip to take a photo turned into an hour plus visit and history lesson as we looked up each individual to talk with the children about why they were notable enough to have their grave sites marked for visitors.