101 in 1001

So, I thought I’d try this idea out. I found it over at VioletSage. I really like the longer time frame for a list of goals and I am excited to get started!

The Mission

To complete the listed 101 tasks within 1001 days.

The Criteria

The Tasks on the list need to be SMART! Specific (it’s clear what I intend to do) Measurable (it’s clear that I’ve accomplished it) Applicable (since I’m making the list for myself, I would hope so!) Realistic (I could achieve these if I stretch myself) Time bound (the 1001 days)

Start Date


End Date



1. Finish Family Game night with no tears or arguments.

2. Read the Book of Mormon together.

3. Can peaches and eat ice cream after.

4. Go camping for two nights in another state.

5. Have F.H.E. for 6 weeks in a row.

6. Go to a drive in movie. (5.22.15)

7. Go tubing in Helen.

8. Go on a hike to a waterfall we haven’t been to before.

9. Put our hands in wet cement somewhere on our property.

10. Find and read a novel to read together as a family.


11. Attend the temple 30 times as a couple. (9)

12. Go to a play at the Holly. 4/24/15

13. Go to a music performance in town (college or square)  3/20/15

14. Take a day off together while kids are in school.

15. Take a continuing education class together.

16. Attend a concert at a park (not in town).

17. Rent a canoe and paddle.

18. Eat at a Greek restaurant.  7/30/14

19. Eat at a Thai restaurant. 10/27/14

20. Go to a 3D movie.


21. Inspire someone else’s 101 in 1001. Let me know if I do! 🙂

22. Complete 3 values in personal progress.

23. Read the Book of Mormon 3 times. 7/13/15

24. Read the Old Testament.

25. Read the New Testament.

26. Read the Doctrine and Covenants.

27. Write a personal mission statement.  7/27/14

28. Read 50 books.

29. Take a pottery class.

30. Make and frame a watercolor painting.


31. Hike Stone Mountain with the kids.

32. Swim a mile without stopping for more than 10 seconds at a turn.

33. Participate in a 5K

34. Practice yoga every day for 30 days.

35. Go 30 days without extra sugar.

36. Do the One Hundred Pushups routine.


37. Have a 3-month reserve of money.

38. Put $10 in savings for each goal completed.

39. Pay off all debts except the house.


40. Mail birthday cards to 10 friends.

41. Mail Christmas cards.

42. Participate in a book club for a year.

43. Host book club at my house.

44. Bring treats to work just because.

45. Host a holiday.

46. Host a cookie exchange.

47. Compile an address book. 6/12/15

48. Host a sweet 16 party. Feb 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

49. Stop at a child’s lemon-aid stand and buy a lot!

50. Put out 50 Operation Beautiful Notes.

51. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru.

52. Leave a 100% tip.  Fall 2015

53. Buy flowers for the librarians.

54. Bring cookies to the firehouse.

55. Unlock a dozen carts at Aldi. (8)

56. Send care packages to college students (or missionaries).

57. Send letters to soldiers.


58. Organize clothes by season and store them accordingly to rotate.

59. Fix wall behind the fridge. July 2016

60. Mini bathroom remodel in master bath. Halfway done July 2016

61. Buy an original piece of art. 8/2/14

62. Participate in the indexing challenge. 7/20/14

63. Set up master password and an account in a password keeper.

64. Go 48 continuous hours without using a computer or smart phone.

65. Make a webpage for R.S. lessons with links to talks and wisdom from sisters.

66. Volunteer in some way with Friends of the Library. Jan 2016

Emergency Prep

67. Go over emergency plan, fire drill with kids. Practice meeting place and out-of-state contact.

68. Inventory 72-hour kits. June 2016

69. Make an inventory of what we currently have in storage.  April 2016

70. Secure a Bank Deposit box.

71. Make a menu plan for 3 months.

72. Take the emergency backpacks camping for 2 nights without looking inside or bringing anything else.

73. Drain and refill water containers.

74. Add a smoke detector outside bedroom door.

75. Put a working flashlight in each room.

76. Complete Important Document file.


77. Have trees in woods cut down.  Spring 2015

78. Finish the guide fence by driveway.

79. Add more pavement for parking.

80. Create 2 new flower beds. (1)

81. Create 3 new vegetable beds.

82. Plant 6 fruit trees.


83. Make Moe a dress. June ’15

84. Make curtain for front window. 8/1/14

85. Make Manny’s jersey quilt.

86. Finish blanket for hubby.

87. Have an empty “To Fix” pile for at least a day.


88. Make another Dream Team 4/7/15

89. Teach in a public school for 10 years. 5/20/16

90. Have 75 products listed on TpT.

91. Host a PLC meeting at least 10 times. (1)


90. Finish a 365 photo challenge.

91. Make a book with the 365 photos.

92. Get Jack’s Album up to date.

93. Make Jack’s 5th grade book.

94. Get Moe’s Album up to date.

95. Get Manny’s album up to date.

96. Get Family album up to date.

97. Have professional pictures taken.

98. Write a blog entry twice a week for 6 weeks straight.


99. Visit Washington D.C. with the family.

100. Visit New England with the family.

101. Go to a new GA site with the family.

100. Drive through the New England states in the fall.

101. Visit Family in Washington state. April and June 2015