Summer School

I found a great site to use as a touch base for the online activities I want them to work on each day. I password protected the pages I made for them, but here is an example of a page (the links are the same as some of the ones I posted on their pages). The best thing about all these sites is that they are FREE to use.



Bathroom “Remodel”

When we moved into this house, we let the kids decorate the bathroom and help paint it anyway they wanted. The result of dividing up the walls among three kids was the following:
HPIM3588 HPIM3589
So when my daughter expressed an interest in redecorating the bathroom, I jumped at the chance to help her and we went to work on the bathroom. We stuck to a paint color we already had at home and chose to whitewash the accessories (towel bars, new thrift store towel cabinet, sink cabinet and picture frame). We even covered the old green counter in white marble contact paper. I think it turned out super cute and by using stuff we had at home we did it all for very little money. The big splurge was the shower curtain rod that curves out and gives the kiddos more room in the shower. A new shower curtain and floor mats and it’s awesome!
HPIM3813 HPIM3815

Frugal Friday – Vinegar Toner Tip

Beauty products can be costly things. I’ve known that vinegar has multiple uses for years, but I was a little skeptical when I read about using apple cider vinegar as a facial toner. But facing the need to buy a $7 bottle of toner again, I decided to try it out. I have used apple cider vinegar as my toner for months and I have very good results. I think it’s better than the stuff I was paying a lot more for. It does make my skin feels softer and I break out less often. There is a down side, I use full strength vinegar and it does have a smell. Fortunately the smell dissipates quickly. If my husband kisses me right after he can tell I’ve just put toner on. If there is a 30 second lag, then he doesn’t notice. I use what he notices as a point of reference since I have a greatly diminished sense of smell, so really there is no downside of using this for me. Just like all toners and the like, they make your skin a little thinner. So remember to apply sunscreen on your face even in the winter time. I use a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it – no,  I don’t have a recipe.