Love at Home

HPIM3403My husband and I have three children. A boy, 13, and two girls, 11 and 8. Almost daily  More than several times a day, they do things to annoy each other and when it gets really annoying, sometimes I sing Love at Home. This usually makes it worse so I try not to do it very often. Although it can be a little fun, when it’s just one kid mad at us as parents and the parents are just smiling singing the song. This is probably the wrong thing to do as parents.

Anyway. The other night my children were arguing again and I just really wanted love at home. I started singing. Just for me, not so loudly that I was singing SO they could hear me, but they could hear me. The arguing stopped. One of my children started singing too, not with me, just to themselves. Amazing.

Since I was in a signing mood, I got on the church’s website to the interactive Hymns player. I love this thing, it will change the tempo of the songs so I can sing them the pace I like with music. I sing Love at Home, slower than the regular tempo and hold notes it doesn’t call for. But that’s part of the fun of the interactive player. It lets me practice my part and the more I mess with that, the more I find, that I really like switching from soprano to alto in the middle of the song and back again. And so I do. Who cares, I’m not in the choir and the Lord likes my singing even if it is off-key. Oh, you can change the key of the music too. I put The Star-Spangled Banner in a key low enough for me to hit the high notes. Love that.


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